Featured Events

Community features are BASE events hosted yearly. Each event will have an emphasis of connection, celebration, or empowerment. 


BASE - Community Building in Southern Oregon

  • BASE Community Social/Networking in Southern Oregon
    • We believe in the power of networks to catalyze ambition and build opportunities and support within the community. These events bring together businesses, public sector leaders, community organization representatives, and other individuals to feel more immersed in the community.
      • Make new or enhance connections within our region's multicultural community.
      • Enjoy a cultural experience
      • Indulge in social interactions with other community members.
      • Hear about opportunities and information available in Southern Oregon
      • Promote your business or services to the community
      • Build an amazing Network
      • Enjoy or Learn about a variety of Black-Owned Businesses and service providers



Cultural Celebrations 


Why We Can't Wait

Malcolm X Day

May 19th @baseoregon FB page live conversation on


(June 19th @ Pear Blossom Park in Medford,OR)

  • Preview a Black/African-American marketplace and promote black-owned businesses on this celebratory day.
  • Share our history and culture with all to have a greater appreciation of truth, so knowledge and healing can take place for all.
  • Create a sense of community and celebration for all to join in this celebration of Black Independence Day.
  • Creating opportunities for local artist to display their creative talents through art & music.
  • Creating a platform for local officials to show their support for our community on this National Holiday.
  • Create a fun and educational environment for youth on the plight and struggle of Black people in America.


Southern Oregon Community Celebration

  • Celebrating culture and community.
    • The importance of the principles of Kwanzaa for community advancements
      • Connect, Collaborate, Share ideas, and Achievements.
    • A time to look back, reflect and build on the new year ahead.
    • Entertainment, Live Band/Music, Food, and Fun.
    • With a special presentation from the Afro Scouts
    • Come and join in on this special community cultural celebration

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