A thriving community is when it feels good to
be home!
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About BASE

BASE serves to create a welcoming and supportive community where Black people in Southern Oregon feel safe, respected, and comfortable being themselves when expressing any aspect of their many cultural ethnicities. We are a community platform for connection, collaboration, and prosperity.


Advancing Community

BASE is committed to supporting the advancement and excellence of Black people in Southern Oregon. By fostering an inclusive environment, our goal is to promote a visible and vibrant Black community where each person feels connected and empowered to thrive.

  • A Connection to Community

  • Information and Updates

  • Events of Celebration, Connection and Empowerment

  • Youth Development Program

  • Community Collaboration

  • Safety

Base Content9

We Stand Together!

This video highlights the amazing accomplishments achieved from 1948-1968’s civil rights movement. The video then proceeds to present day, where Black members of our community address the challenges they currently experience and the changes they’d like to see in Southern Oregon going forward.

Our Sponsors Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors Who Help To Make Our Work Possible!

As a community base organization working on the betterment of community, a sound financial foundation is the first step. We are very grateful for our generous sponsors as they help us to solidify our mission and do the work necessary for community improvement.