Welcome to the voting page for the creation of a permanent public art installation that celebrates and uplifts Black lives. We tasked artists in the Black community with creating a public art piece that would uplift Black community members and visitors to the park, illuminate the experience of Black residents in the Rogue Valley, and reflect on this important chapter in our history.

It's our aim that with this public art installation we can foster continued dialogue around race, bring together Rogue Valley residents of all backgrounds, and declare our commitment in Ashland and the Rogue Valley that Black lives matter. We hope that through continued conversation, recognition of our shared history, and this public avowal, that we can work towards becoming a more united and inclusive Rogue Valley community.

Thank you to all the artists for the passion and creativity they brought to this groundbreaking endeavor. Congratulations to Jerryck and Micah on being selected by the community!

Artist Name: Jerryck "Jroc" Murrey
Proposal Title: Domino!
Proposal Description:
"Domino!” celebrates the journey of Black Afro-American culture throughout American history and underscores the importance of those contributions despite systemic challenges. Further, the work stands as a monument to sacrifices made by all people on the path to equality, while serving as a beacon to inspire future generations to forge ahead ...
Artist Name: Micah Blacklight
Proposal Title: Ancestor’s Future: Crystallizing Our Call
Proposal Description:
This sculpture represents the embodied will of a community to create a tangible manifestation of their desire to call attention to, and ultimately act to change, the plight of Black and brown neighbors, brothers, and sisters. Some might see an ancestor, or a collective embodiment of ancestors ...