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Afroscoutz was created for children of African descent to inspire development, leadership and socialization. Leaders will provide diverse expertise and talent to create environments that encourages and motivates our Afroscoutzs to be culturally knowledgeable, empowered and respected members of our community.
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Every Day is a Chance to Grow and Learn

The Afroscoutz program encourages your child to experience many philosophies through a cultural lens which will help support and guide them throughout their life’s journey.

Program Curriculum

The curriculum focuses on the uprising and betterment of African American students in the community. The program curriculum’s main purpose is to enhance cultural development and an appreciation for ancestral history. This year, Afroscoutz focus will be on the following disciplines:

  • Financial Literacy

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health and Wellness

  • History and Culture

  • Language Arts

Afro Scouts3

The Afroscoutz Pledge


We will be having three main events included as a part of our 9-month  program.


Kwanzaa celebration is an annual African American cultural event. It represents Unity, Self-Determination, Collective work & Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith.

Youth Entrepreneurship Expo

Youth Entrepreneurship Expo is an event where Afroscoutz will create, present and have an opportunity sell their own products to the community.

“Brownie’s Train Adventure”

“Brownie’s Train Adventure” is a theater play that will be produced and performed by Afroscoutz.

Culture Badges

Afroscoutz are required to learn and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the program’s disciplines. Earning badges are a way to develop self-esteem and self-respect. Badges are awarded based on progression in the program curriculum. Afroscoutz are encouraged to prosper from an African American frame of excellence.


Explore Passions and Ideas

We encourage every scout to focus on their interest and skills. Passion can be anything that motivates and challenges you.

Youth Theater Play Production

We will learn new vocabulary and ways to express themeselves through art, dance and music.


AFRO athletics will build charcter through team unity, trust, responsibility, perservance, physical and overall health

Book Club

We will explore amazing inventors and creators of African descent. Reading books as a group encourages expression, creativity and self esteem.

Youth Entrepreneurship Expo

We will have an opportunity to create something of their own. Entreprenureship encourages an attitude of exploration and inquisitiveness.


We will explore Art in a lens that reflects culture, values, creativity and helps preserve our identities of past history and present day events.


Participate in one of our AFRO Adventures, have fun, stay connected and express yourself


Afro Scouts6


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Afro Scouts5


Afro Scouts4


Running Track

AfroScoutz Team

IMG 5731

Dr. Flora M. White-Cooper


IMG 5804

Tiffany Beach


IMG 5736

Sidney Cooper, Jr.

IMG 5745

Vance Beach

We hope to see you soon!

*Afroscoutz has no affiliation with Boy Scouts of America