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What is GDP Growth Rate?

GDP stands for gross domestic product which measures how fast components of our economy are growing.  Those components can be added together via three methods: final expenditures (spending), value-added in production, or income. There are four components to GDP:

  1. Personal Consumption – how much money Americans spend on goods and services
  2. Business Investment – how much money business are putting into construction and inventory.
  3. Government Spending – how much money the government is spending.
  4. Net Trade – Value of exports (goods and services) minus imports (goods and services).

Key Points:

  • The GDP growth rate indicates how quickly or slowly the economy is growing or shrinking.
  • It is driven by four components of GDP, the largest being personal consumption expenditures.
  • The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) tracks GDP growth rate because this is a vital indicator of economic health.
  • When measuring growth, the BEA uses real GDP because it adjusts for the effects of price level change as measured by the BEA’s GDP implicit price deflator.
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