Queen Qreates

Contact: JoJo

HEY! I’m Johnique, also known as Jojo, a multi-hyphenate creator born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I’ve wanted to paint ever since I discovered my mother’s ink and charcoal paintings in our garage. I then started painting on and off throughout school and it became a way to express things I couldn’t put words to. At the top of 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, amidst black lives mattering, and the U.S. election, I found myself painting myself through. I then decided to take my craft to the next level and share my art work with those who could see themselves… who could relate in some way… maybe even heal with me. I created Queen Qreates from a need to put a visual to my thoughts and experience. With my platform, I want to put some good in the world and here is my contribution.

QQ2 (2).png