BASE Affiliate: Arizona


BASE was founded in Oregon to unify and uplift its Black communities, and since has established a unique template usable for many across the nation. Due to the challenges within each community for Black people, not all places can utilize the same national plan. As a flexible, evolving instrument that can be played and added wherever a community may need foundation, BASE centers itself in unity, passion, support, collaboration, and prosperity.  Our national goal is to see a safe network of BASE communities to be home for where everyone knows they have a place and supportive space to thrive.

All BASE locations are independently run by their community, backed by a national network of support.  To make it simple, in B.A.S.E let the “E” fall where it may, whether Events, Economics, Equity, Education, Empowerment, or simply Excellence, it all comes down to Every Black person having a support system and opportunity for advancement.

BASE in Arizona focuses on unifying its communities for a path to economic building!

B.A.S.E. AZ - Black Alliance Social & Economics.

BASE AZ hosting its Food Truck Friday 

To learn more visit: | @BLACKBASEAZ


It will take a full national community to make the strides we seek to thrive!